Tuesday, September 22, 2020



 Starting with this note - I have read six of the ten parts of this series. I missed the opening prequel and first novel as well as the final two. The ones I read were:

  • Act of Valor by Dana Mentink,
  • Blind Trust by Laura Scott,
  • Deep Undercover by Lenora Worth,
  • Seeking the Truth by Terri Reed,
  • Trail of Danger by Valerie Hansen, and 
  • Courage Under Fire by Sharon Dunn.

I find novel series fall into three categories:

  1. A series of stand-alone novels that have a common setting and recurring characters where you can read them in any order and still enjoy them.
  2. A series where each book is an installment that stands on its own with an over-arching story that connects the three into a unit.
  3. One big story broke up into several different books.

This series is somewhere between one and two. Each is a story with its own hero, heroine, main villain, and K-9 star, with a clear resolution at the end. However, this series also deals with the murder of the unit's chief, Jordan Jameson, and the search for his missing dog Snapper. That big story picks up more and more steam starting with part 6 - Seeking The Truth. Also, you see the same characters pop up through the series, and each story ends with a hint of what the next story will deal with. Considering its 11 stories are written by 9 different authors, you have a well done set.

One fascinating thing is that there are several different breeds of dogs throughout the series: German Shepherds, a Beagle, a couple of Labs, a Springer Spaniel, a Bloodhound, and a Rottweiler in the mix. No, these dogs don't have the same responsibilities as each other. Some are trackers, some sniff for drugs or explosives, as well as those who catch and bring down the crooks.

Yes, you have a male writer who is hooked on Harlequin's Love Inspired Suspense. But I really have enjoyed this series.

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